Welcome to our class blog!

We are going to try a new experiment this semester.  In lieu of traditional homework, we will be participating in blogging activities together.  I will keep a class blog, where I will post information and related (interesting) content.  You will each keep a personal blog and follow the class blog and (hopefully) each other.  This exercise will serve two purposes:

1) to give you more experience and skills with technology (particularly: websites, blogging and online collaboration) that you will be using in your own classrooms next year.

2) to make homework easier to complete.  The research on homework supports the idea that it can increase learning, however, it is challenging for both students and the instructor to manage.  My hope is that you will find that blogging makes your life easier and saves you time (no printing, you can post whenever you want, if you are absent you don’t have to keep track).

I’m excited and I hope you are too!  Now, get blogging!


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. This blog should be great. It’ll be interesting to read everyone’s blogs, environmentally friendly, and now I might even be a couple minutes early because I wont have to print my homework off before class! Very exciting!

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  2. I’m excited to get this semester underway, especially since it’s our last one before full time student teaching! It’s going to be a great experience learning how to teach each subject and how to make sure our teaching is understandable and accessible to all students. Let’s go!


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