Seminar ten: Co-teaching

Based on what you have learned about the law and supporting all students (through UDL, DI) how might co-teaching support students?  How might you use co-teaching?  What might be some of the challenges that you will face in implementing co-teaching?


504 Plans: Seminar Nine

What do you understand about 504 plans that you didn’t before?  What questions still remain for you?  What aspects of special education law or the referral process would you like more practice with before the end of the semester?

The IEP: Seminar Eight

You have your adaptations project to finish for Thursday, so no blog post will be due.  You do have a few readings posted to moodle about the IEP process, so please take a look at those before class.  My goal is to grade your adaptations projects over the weekend and return them by Tuesday.  Please remember to copy and paste the rubric (on the assignment directions) to the end of your assignment.

Additional (OPTIONAL) Law Resources

As promised, below are some helpful and interesting resources related to law.  These are resources that I use regularly (I read the Wrightslaw blog at least once a week while I eat my lunch).  I want to stress that these resources are optional.  Everything you need to know as a classroom teacher, I have a taught you in class.  These resources are for those of you who are thinking about special education as a career or who are curious about reading more.

As always, let me know if you have questions or points you would like to discuss.  If you find other resources you would like to share with your classmates, I hope you will send them to me!

Here is the link to the NH DOE’s Special Education site.   If you scroll down, you will see that on the left is a link to access a PDF of the special education rules (like the printout I showed you in class).

Here are the rules around procedural safeguards in special education:

My favorite place to read about Special Education court cases and generally stay up-to-date on special education law:  This site also has a lot of helpful resources for parents and families.

For those of you who need some review on the branches of government and how laws get made (bonus-lesson plans for your class), click here.

Check out this interesting blog post about limiting access to advanced classes for students who are on plans.

Response to Intervention (RtI): Seminar Four

Tonight you will begin exploring the topic of RtI.  As you read think about the following questions:  what is the “point” of RtI?  Who might benefit and why?  Why do you think implementing RtI might be a “good thing” for schools?  What questions do you still have about RtI?

Remember to reference the readings in your answer and refer to the directions sent out Friday if you have questions.