Using assessment: Seminar 25

On Tuesday, we will start our final mini-unit on assessment.  Make sure to have your laptops with you!

Based on what you have read, as well as the other tools that are in your toolkit from your other classes, how might you use assessment in your classroom?  What tips and tricks (strategies!) might you use to keep track of where your students are?


Assistive Technology: Seminar 24

Today starts the run of your last five blog posts for the semester!  Woo hoo!

For Thursday, think about how you might use assistive technology in your classroom.  How can it be useful?  Who can it support?  What questions do you still have about assistive technology?

Communication and Autism

Many of you were asking last week about the difference between students with communication disabilities and students with Autism who are non-verbal.  I will talk more about this on Tuesday, but in the meantime, I wanted to share two links with you:

One, a short piece written by a young person with autism.  We will talk more about the benefits and challenges to ABA on Tuesday.

Two, some ideas and suggestions for how to communicate with someone who is non-verbal.  

Three, some recent research on students who are non-verbal.