Seminar 27: CBM in Math

Based on the module and what you have learned over the last three classes, how might you use CBM in your own classroom?  What strategies or tips might you use?  What questions do you still have about using CBM?


Using assessment: Seminar 25

On Tuesday, we will start our final mini-unit on assessment.  Make sure to have your laptops with you!

Based on what you have read, as well as the other tools that are in your toolkit from your other classes, how might you use assessment in your classroom?  What tips and tricks (strategies!) might you use to keep track of where your students are?

Communication and Autism

Many of you were asking last week about the difference between students with communication disabilities and students with Autism who are non-verbal.  I will talk more about this on Tuesday, but in the meantime, I wanted to share two links with you:

One, a short piece written by a young person with autism.  We will talk more about the benefits and challenges to ABA on Tuesday.

Two, some ideas and suggestions for how to communicate with someone who is non-verbal.  

Three, some recent research on students who are non-verbal.

Seminar Nineteen: Autism

What specific accommodations or modifications might you use with students with autism (hint: answer to this question can copy/paste to your A&M project)?  What concerns or questions do you have about working with students with autism (I will compile a list of these and bring it to class)?  Make sure to reference the readings in your answer.

Seminar Seventeen: Attention Deficit Disorder

As you read, think about the following questions:

  • Based on the reading, what are some strategies that might be helpful for students with ADD/ADHD?
  • What are some strategies that would be unhelpful (have you seen examples in schools?)?
  • What concerns do you still have about meeting the needs of students with ADD?  What specifics do you hope we discuss in class?

For those of you who are interested, here are some maps and statistics from the CDC about ADHD rates and medication usage.

Seminar Fourteen: Learning Disabilities

For today, you will read about different types of learning disabilities.  As you read think about the following questions:

What “ah-ha” moments did you have as a result of completing the reading? What makes sense to you now that didn’t before?

What (specific) strategies might you want to use with students with learning disabilities in the classroom?  (hint: you could use this list in your Accommodations and Modifications project)

What questions/points of confusion do you hope that I will address in class?

Below, is an optional (short!) current news story about students with learning disabilities.

Finally, if you are curious, here is an interesting piece I received last week about meeting the needs with students with learning disabilities.  What principles of IDEIA are being violated?